ColorShift is Here!

Today, we here at Testament Creative are proud to announce that we are launching ColorShift!  It’s available in the Apple App Store right now and is on sale for the low low price of only ninety-nine cents!

That’s right!  You, too, can own a digital piece of history, as everything that happens, is, indeed, a piece of history! So what are you waiting for… download it today!  Or don’t – we’re not your boss.

But we’d really like you to…

In case you haven’t seen the video on our marketing page, here’s a preview of ColorShift:


ColorShift Main Screen
ColorShift GamePlay
ColorShift GamePlay

ColorShift is a challenging, side-scrolling shoot-em-up game where you must match the color of your ship to the enemies  to shoot them and walls to pass through them.  You’ll need quick reflexes, and agile fingers to win!

Oh – and be ready for the big surprise ending 😉

ColorShift – download it today on Apple iOS devices!