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Retro Runner - One Hundred Billion

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Retro Runner - Main Screen
Retro Runner - Coin Blast
Retro Runner - Gameplay

The only thing missing is the CRT’s glow.

Relive the glory days! Well, actually, Retro Runner may take you a bit further back – maybe to the days of the Apple II, when Green Screen was all the rage, with flickering CRTs glowing in the dead of night…

For incredibly compelling reasons unknown, you must navigate your super-cool fastship through the falling girders and moneycoins of your once-incredible megaplex laboratory and coin storage vault! The mega badman blew up all your worldly possessions in a fit of rage and now you have to get as far as you can! It’s a … ah.. no one reads these anyway. Just get as far as you can, and don’t die!

With scores potentially reaching into the billions, along with pick-up-and-play style gaming, every twitchy moment is sure to be full of excitement and that desire to just… get… a little… further….

> Killer score potential – who doesn’t love a billion points?
> Twitchy, quick, pick-up-and-play gameplay
> Completely free!

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