We're Committed to Donating 20%

The Mission  

Testament Creative makes games, and while that’s great by itself, it could be greater.  That’s why we’re committing to donating 20% of all gross revenue from ads, in-app purchases and game purchases to charity.  Right now, we’re focusing on Wellspring Living, but will add more in the near future.

Why Wellspring Living?  

You may not be aware that Domestic Sex Trafficking is a huge issue in the United States, with more that 100K children in sexual slavery, with 250K more at risk.  1 is too many.  100,000 is a travesty.

We want to make a difference, and you can help.

Learn more about Wellspring Living.


Transparency is important, so beginning in March, we’ll be updating this section with our revenue and donation amounts, so you can see that we are serious about what we aim to do.


While all of our products are participating in this initiative, here’s a few of our most recent projects

Dem’s Bomb Bounce – iOS Game

Bounce those bombs to stay alive and score high!  Compete with your friends through Game Center and show everyone who’s boss.

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One to One Hundred – iOS Game

Can you count to 100?  Probably.  But can you tap all 100 numbers in order in just 3 minutes?  Probably not.  Oh – think you can?  Prove it.

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Color Shift

Color Shift – iOS Game

Three colors. Just three colors. How hard could it be?! Control your ship and change color to pass by obstacles and shoot down enemies in this fast-paced horizontal shooter!

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Bit Pixel Horde – iOS Game

Pining for days past, when video games were giant pixels on the screen? Maybe not, but Bit Pixel Horde will entertain and frustrate you as you strive to hold off the never-ending onslaught.  Play, and play again.

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