Coming Soon to iOS and Android!

Version 1.0 is free!

Toss the anchor, and score! You have 90 seconds to score as many points as possible – with simple, one hand controls, Anchor Toss is easy to play, anywhere, at any time!

Simply tap once to set your angle, and tap again to set the power, and watch those anchors fly! Watch out for floating targets for an even greater score boost – if you can react in time to hit them!


– FREE! (until version 2!)
– One-finger controls
– Simple Gameplay
– Game Center Leaderboards – compete with your friends! (iOS version only)

Coming soon, in version 2:

In addition to the standard “easy” level, version two will include three more levels to play in – with increasing difficulty and challenge in each.

Anchor Toss Title Screen
Anchor Toss - How To Play
Anchor Toss - Game Play
Anchor Toss Gameplay
Anchor Toss - Game Over