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Quality sound is important.

You don’t want your movie to sound like a made-for-TV alien invasion, do you?

Because when one door closes... you'd like it to actually sound like a door.
Robert Garvin - Head shot

Sound is essential.

It is powerful. It can be the deciding factor between whether or not your audience gives a flip about that guy who just got shot. Or.. fell out of a tree. Or whatever he’s doing. (What IS he doing, anyway?)

Robert Garvin is the man behind our sound team. With about 10 years worth of audio experience, Robert will take your film and your vision and work with you to tell your story, play your game, or promote your brand.

Take a look at what he’s done. Pretty neat, eh? Well, there’s more where that came from. Go ahead. Shoot him an email, and just wait and see (erm.. hear?) what happens…  We promise you won’t regret it.

Music and Mastering

Music sets your mood.

This is Mike.  Mike plays lots of instruments, and writes some quality music.

Mike will fit your mood. Heck, Mike can make your mood.

What can Mike play for you today?

Send us a request.  Let us shred for you.

Mike Rinehart - Head shot
Wasn't that nice?

What's that you hear? Nothing? Because you don't have the music you need?

We can fix that for you. Contact us today.